How do I use the badge?

The badge seen at the top of this page helps identify locally-produced stuff. There are some loose guidelines as to how it should be used, though these are not rules. You can grab a copy of the badge below, or you can read the guidelines (PDF file). Or you can do both!

Why YYC?

There are a few reasons why it’s “YYC” and not “Calgary”. The first is that it’s short, which means it’s more versatile. Second, it provides a number of opportunities from a graphical standpoint. Finally, it represents the general area, not just the city proper.

Why does the badge look like that?

I spent a good deal of time designing a neutral badge that would work well at many sizes. I also wanted to reference the name with a derivative of airport signage.

Badge It

Grab a badge package, which includes web and print versions of the badge, and some guidelines.