What is Made in YYC?

Made in YYC was started in 2012 as an initiative to promote local goods, services, and ideas with a badge of honour. Calgary is a phenomenal city, with great art, music, photography, software, and loads of other stuff produced here on a constant basis. Made in YYC is two components, then: a badge, and a list of members.

The badge can be integrated with any number of materials, whether they are digital or print. The list connects all of the members that proudly wear the badge to a public that prioritizes local businesses.

So, is this a sponsorship or something like that?

No, it’s just a great way to learn about interesting content being produced throughout Calgary. It isn’t official, or endorsed by the city in any way.

Can you add me to the list?

Possibly. If you produce amazing stuff in Calgary (sorry Torontonians), you will be considered. Get in touch and we’ll take a look. The only requirement of being listed is that you also display the badge and link back to this site.

Have you heard of the New York Tech Meetup?

Yep, that’s where we got the idea. It’s really great, but we wanted to expand it beyond tech products.